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  Kanata-Nepean Bicycle Club - General Information

General Information

Please read the KNBC Tour Etiquette (see below) before showing up for your first tour. Our rides have a wide range of distances and speeds. We suggest you choose rides that match your endurance and biking speed.

Tour and Ride Schedules
The official up-to-date schedule of KNBC's rides and tours is found in the club's calendar. It will provide you with any recent additions, cancellations, or other changes to the ride schedule. To avoid any surprises, always check it before heading out on a club ride or tour. For the convenience of members, the ride schedule is also presented in a PDF documents which is suitable for printing. However, these documents will NOT reflect the recent additions, cancellations or changes. When there is sufficient lead time, efforts will be made to announce additions, cancellations or changes to the club's ride schedule in the Bike Shorts weekly emailing. Remember, always check with the calendar.

Starting Time
Tours leave on time, so please arrive at least ten minutes prior to the indicated departure time.

Starting Points
Tours that show KTC as a starting point refer to the Kanata Town Centre, 150 Katimavik Rd, in the parking lot near Kanata Opticians. Centrepointe starts are from the vicinity of 101 Centrepointe Dr, which is the parking lot behind the Royal Oak (just south of the City of Ottawa building on Centrepointe Dr).

Distances quoted are either known, or in the case of estimates, they are believed to be within plus or minus 10%.

Remote Starts
An asterisk next to a ride in the calendar means a remote start. For these rides, you should call ahead and inform the tour leader that you plan to be on the ride and leave a number where you can be reached. If you don't call ahead and the tour is cancelled, nobody will be able to inform you. If a ride has both standard and remote starts, the above only applies if you plan to join the ride at the remote starting point. Club members needing a drive may call the tour leader who may be able to arrange or help you arrange a lift.

Difficulty Levels (Speed Ratings)
CategoryDistance (increasing over season)Speed (flat surface, no wind)StopsTerrain
L140-65 km18-21 km/hfrequentmainly flat
L255-80+ km22-24 km/hoccasionalflat, rolling, hilly
L370-100+ km24-26 km/hoccasionalflat, rolling, hilly
L470-100+ km25-28 km/hlimitedflat, rolling, hilly
L5100+ km30+ km/hvery limitedflat, rolling, hilly

Tour Etiquette

Over the years the club has developed a culture. This page is to describe how that culture has affected the club's tours.